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    • AS2000 promotes the safety of area animals from family emergencies to county disasters.
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Weather Advisory, Aug. 18, 2011

At 319 PM EDT National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated strong
thunderstorms centered along a line extending from 2 miles west of
Orange Heights to 9 miles southeast of Fort McCoy... moving northeast
at 10 mph. These strong thunderstorms will also affect areas around
Lochloosa... Grove Park... Fort McCoy... Orange Heights... Salt
Springs... Orange Springs... Melrose... Lake Geneva... Keystone Heights
and Johnson through 400 PM EDT. Excessive cloud-to-ground lightning
and gusty winds of 40 to 50 mph can be expected along with possible
minor damage. Heavy rainfall will produce ponding of water on
roadways and minor flooding of low-lying areas.

Marion County News, Aug. 17, 2011

Doomed Ducks in Ocala
"Ocala city leaders have dealt with the issue for years, but last year an activist group took all the excess ducks to a private farm."

Dance and Art Auction

Putnam Land Conservancy, Inc.
Land and Water Conservation non-profit
Saturday, August 27
Art, Fine Craft, Food, Wine, Dancing
$15.00 per person/$25.00 per couple
Shake Rag Art and Cultural Center
Rt. 26
Melrose, FL
Read more at:

Alachua County News, Aug. 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

Group That Helps Low Income Pets, Needs Financial Boost Of Their Own
Saint Francis House Pet Care Clinic
"In just a few weeks the Saint Francis House Pet Care Clinic will celebrate four years of providing free veterinary care to homeless and low income families with pets."

Owners Of Haven Acres Farm Arrested
"The owners of the Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary in High Springs were arrested around 8:40 Monday night by Alachua County Deputies"

Owners of cat sanctuary are arrested
"The owners of the now-closed Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary have been arrested and charged with 47 counts of animal cruelty, a third-degree felony."

Previous ...

June 8, 2011
Nearly 700 cats removed from Haven Acres in nation's largest such incident
"In what authorities say is the largest cat hoarding case they have seen, 697 cats have been removed from Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary in High Springs."

June 16, 2011
Repeatedly, county found no violations in past at cat sanctuary
"The Havens Acres Cat Sanctuary in High Springs passed all inspections, including a health inspection as late as this past May, county officials said."

July 14, 2011
Haven Acres cat sanctuary gets permit revoked
"The special permit for Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary was revoked for non-compliance at the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, July 12."

August 11, 2011
Animals from Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary soon will be available for adoption
"Arrangements are now being made for the cats taken from the Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary in High Springs to be put up for adoption."

T.S. Emily - August 4, 2011

As of 5:00pm Thursday August 4, 2011- below is a summary from FDEM State Meteorologist Amy Godsey on what was formally known as T.S. Emily:

· Hurricane Hunter aircraft investigating Emily this afternoon found that Tropical Storm Emily remains very disorganized and no longer contains a closed center of circulation. As a result, the National Hurricane Center has classified Emily as a post-tropical wave and has discontinued advisories on the storm.

· At 5pm, the remnants of Emily were located 100 miles south-southeast of the eastern tip of Cuba, which is also 575 miles south-southeast of Miami, Florida, and moving northwest around 16mph.

· Maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 35 mph and interaction with land over the next 24-36 hours may continue to weaken or even dissipate the system. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting Emily to dissipate within the next 12 hours; however, some computer models suggest that the remnants of Emily may be able to regenerate once it moves into slightly more favorable conditions in the southwest Atlantic.

· Afternoon computer models have shifted west since this morning and now show a weaker Emily influenced by lower level steering currents. If Emily’s remnants survive the terrain, the system will likely continue to move northwest in between two large areas of high pressure over the central Atlantic and over the southern U.S. before moving northeast.

· It is still too early to tell if Emily will regenerate or impact Florida, but tropical moisture from Emily may bring beneficial rainfall to southern Florida this weekend.

T.S. Emily -- August 3, 2011

According to the FDEM - State Meteorologist it is still too early to tell if Emily will directly impact Florida, but the eastern Florida Peninsula lies within the 3-5 day error cone and has a 10-20% chance of receiving tropical storm force winds. Some coastal areas of East Central and Southeast Florida have a 25% chance of tropical storm winds within 5 days......

Daily Situation Report for August 2, 2011

Assistance Dogs and Sheltering

Assistance Dogs / Service Dogs are allowed in ANY Red Cross Shelter.

PWDs are not required to go to a Special Needs shelter unless their particular disability requires closer medical care. If so most Special Needs Shelters require pre-registration. If you feel you would need to go to one if an emergency required sheltering, make plans to register now before an emergency comes up.

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