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    Animal Services 2000 website is a community service provided by Humane Animal Education and Services. The Mission of HAES is to promote the welfare of all animals in our area. HAES is an animal WELFARE group - not an animal rights group. HAES is a project of Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
    • AS2000 promotes the humane treatment of animals through education.
    • AS2000 promotes rescuing pets from shelters by highlighting available animals from local shelters.
    • AS2000 promotes adopting pets from reputable rescues.
    • AS2000 promotes buying animals from reputable breeders only.
    • AS2000 promotes the safety of area animals from family emergencies to county disasters.
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World Rabies Day

From the CDC is this info:

World Rabies Day is September 28. On this day, begin to take the steps to keep yourself and your family free from rabies. Look for events in your area that provide an opportunity to celebrate World Rabies Day and get the facts on rabies prevention and control.

Rabies is a deadly virus that can kill anyone who gets it. Every year, an estimated 40,000 people in the U.S. receive a series of shots known as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) due to potential exposure to rabies. In addition, the U.S. public health cost associated with rabies is approximately $300 million. Each year around the world, rabies results in an estimated 55,000 deaths – approximately one death every 10 minutes. Most deaths are reported from Africa and Asia with almost 50% of the victims being children under the age of 15.

Dog Manners 101 :: All the Basics for Walking a Well-Mannered Pup

Karl's Kids Program, Inc. will host two workshops in October for the Humane Society of Northeast FL. Dog Manners 101 is designed to improve handling skills, not to train dogs.

These workshops for the staff and volunteers of the Hollister Shelter will be given by Victoria Warfel of Dream Dogz, Training & Behavior. Victoria is the owner/trainer of Dream Dogz, formally known as DarkSaber Dog Training & Behavior Modification. She is a full member trainer of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a member of the Florida Progressive Dog Trainers Network (FPDTN), an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and an AKC Canine Ambassador.

Dream Dogz is committed to force-free, dog friendly methods of dog training and behavior modification.

Press Release - Stolen Horse International Inc.

Eye Witness Watches While Five Horses Are Stolen From Seffner, FL Pasture

SEFFNER, FL - With the state on alert already due to the previous stolen and butchered horses, this case has a urgency unlike any in the past. Could these horses be next? Can these hoses be saved before it is too late?

It is not the first time nor will it be the last time that horses are stolen in plain site of unknowing bystanders. Thieves pulled up to a fence post, cut the fence and released two horses of their own to help them corral eight others that were grazing in the pasture. The thieves then drove through the fence, loaded the horses, came back through and re-tied the fence to make it look like the fence was still up. A witness watched the scene unfold, unaware they were stealing the animals,
which took place in the 7400 block of Williams Road on September 5, 2009. Two men, one described as tall and slender, the other chunky with a goatee, worked with a heavyset blond woman as they talked with a neighbor who didn't know they were stealing the horses. The thieves were able to drive away with five horses, two of which are listed with Stolen Horse International, aka, in a truck described as a new model maroon Dodge Dully. It was pulling a green combo stock trailer which may have a white canvas top.

Read the whole press release by clicking on comments.

Karl's Kids Program Message Forum

This forum was set up for the whole family to enjoy visiting so parts are geared for the younger and teen members. There are to be no political, religious, or controversial topics to be posted or discussed in this forum.

Sign up and become a member of this family-friendly forum.

September 11, 2001

Let us never forget that date and what it meant to our country. Pause throughout the day and think of those lives lost, the heroes that showed their true stuff, and the feeling of a country coming together in shock and pain.

2010 IEMC Course, DHS/FEMA

Kristina Adams, ESF-17 Coordinator and Theresa A. Jennings, Pet-Friendly Evacuation Shelter Coordinator for Putnam County will be attending an IEMC Course in February 2010. This Integrated Emergency Management Course will be held from February 1-5 at the National Emergency Training Center located in Emmetsburg, Maryland.

"The 107-acre campus is shared by the United States Fire Administration (USFA), the National Fire Academy (NFA), the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), the Field Personnel Operations Division, and the Satellite Procurement Office. All these components are part of FEMA, one of the four directorates in DHS."
Quote from

Theresa A. Jennings is the President of the Board / Executive Director of Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
Kristina Adams is the Vice President of the Board / Pets In Emergencies Director of Karl's Kids Program, Inc.

CGC Cost Going Up

Beginning November 1, 2009, the recording fee of CGC certificates will go from $5.00 to $8.00. This is the amount that the owner pays to AKC when they send in their request to have their dog added to the CGC rolls and receive a certificate.

Welcome to the New AS2000

Welcome to the new Animal Services 2000 website. We have moved to a new server and our whole format, look and layout, is updated and easier to navigate. If you can not find what you are looking for through the menu on the left then just visit one of Search boxes to find posted articles and links on all entries on your chosen topic. Along with this move, we now also have our own domain name -

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