Putnam County Emergency Animal Support

Putnam County has an emergency support system for animals through our ESF-17 (Emerency Support Function) which is under Putnam County Emergency Management Services.

Why have a county ESF for animals?

Saving human life is always the top priority of emergency management personnel. From experience it is shown time and time again that helping people plan for the safety of their pets, equines, and livestock is a major part of ensuring the safety of animal owners.

Some of the problems presented by unprepared animal owners during an emergency:
* Owners adding to the confusion as they seek last minute help and direction from overburdened rescue workers.
* Owners refusing to leave without their animals if unsure where to take their animals or what steps to see to their animals' safety.
* Owners putting their own safety and lives in jeopardy while undertaking unsafe rescue attempts.

Forming Putnam County Emergency Animal Support under an emergency support function provides a system of mitigating dangers in the county, compiling plans of how to handle various emergency situations, to hold emergency training, and to respond as much as possible with assistance during and after an emergency.

Another way Putnam County Emergency Animal Support assists the county animals is by helping animal owners prepare for the problems that may come up during an emergency. This is accomplished by disbursing information through the website Animal Services 2000 and by going out into the community to meet with the citizens of the county to help them make a plan for their animals.

During actual emergencies Putnam County Emergency Animal Support works to coordinate county resources through the Putnam County EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

PFS Team

A section of Putnam County Emergency Animal Support undergoes additional training to form the Putnam County Pet-Friendly Evacuation Shelter Team.

We are always looking for volunteers to train and help set up and work Pet-Friendly Evacuation Shelters.